Wed. Oct 4th, 2023

Smoothies are a healthy and delicious alternative to traditional drinks. They are not only perfect for a balanced diet, but also ideal for a healthy lifestyle.

Why smoothies are so healthy

Smoothies are a healthy snack or meal, depending on how you prepare them. Smoothies contain all the nutrients you need to stay healthy, so they are a great way to provide your body with the nutrients it needs. Smoothies are rich in vitamins and minerals, fibre and antioxidants. They can help you lose or maintain weight as they are filling and help you avoid cravings. Smoothies are also a great way to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your diet.

A healthy lifestyle

If you choose to live a healthier lifestyle, it’s important to adjust your diet too. A healthy and balanced diet is the foundation for a healthy body and mind. Smoothies are a healthy alternative to traditional drinks like juice or milkshake. They are rich in nutrients and vitamins and help you meet your daily nutritional needs. Smoothies are easy to prepare and can be made according to your wishes and preferences. We now present you the best smoothies to make yourself.

2 recipes

Strawberry Banana Smoothie

This delicious strawberry banana smoothie is perfect for a hot summer day. The fresh strawberries and sweet banana not only taste great, but are also rich in vitamins and nutrients.


1 cup strawberries 1 banana 1 cup yoghurt 1 tablespoon honey


Wash the strawberries and cut them into pieces. Peel the banana and cut it into slices. Put the yoghurt, strawberries, banana and honey in a blender and mix everything well. Pour the smoothie into glasses and serve immediately.

Mango-pineapple smoothie

This fruity mango pineapple smoothie is perfect for a refreshing meal or snack. The mango gives the smoothie a sweet note, while the pineapple adds a tart and juicy flavour. This smoothie is also packed with vitamins and nutrients that are essential for good health.


1 mango, peeled and cut into pieces 1 pineapple, peeled and cut into pieces 1 cup yoghurt 1/2 cup orange juice


Put all the ingredients in the blender and mix thoroughly. Enjoy directly.

General tips for preparing fresh smoothies

> Always use fresh fruit and vegetables for your smoothie. Wash them thoroughly and cut them into small pieces so that they are easier to process. > Use a blender or a stand mixer for your smoothie. This will give you a creamy result. > Add some liquid so that the smoothie does not become too thick. Water, unsweetened tea or coconut water are ideal for this. > If you like the smoothie a little sweeter, you can add some honey or maple syrup. But make sure you don’t use too much, otherwise the smoothie will be too sweet. > Do you want to make your smoothie extra creamy? Then add some yoghurt. Alternatively, you can use almond milk or coconut milk.


In summary, the best smoothies to make yourself are those that contain fresh and natural ingredients. Smoothies with healthy fats, protein and fibre are filling for a long time and keep blood sugar levels stable. Fruit and vegetable smoothies are a good choice for a healthy diet as they contain many nutrients.